December 04, 2007

Is Atheism A Religion?

Atheism is often branded a religion by religious apologists in an attempt to drag it down to their level in the absence of having anything intelligent to add to the discussion.

But is Atheism really a "religion"? yes, It is. In the same way, As Pat Condell says, creation is a science and Islam is the religion of peace. In other words, When language no longer means anything.

In common language a religion is an organisation based around the belief in the supernatural which requires it's followers to perform certain rituals, Follow certain rules, Dress certain ways and, More often than not, Hand over a portion of their earnings so that it's leaders can buy one more palace, Sail one more boat and adorn their temples with even more gold, All while the people it claims to help continue drinking poisoned water and continue watching their children die from malnutrition.

Atheism on the other hand has no leaders, It makes no demands of people and it has no rules. people become atheists because of what they believe by default, They don't believe it as a result of being an Atheist.

Atheism doesn't hold utter disdain for women, Atheism doesn't prey on the weak and the poor and Atheism doesn't indoctrinate children with fear and lies, So in that respect alone, it can't possibly be a religion worthy of the name.

Of course, This isn't the only tactic the religious apologists use in an attempt to drag us down to their level. On occasions they also claim that science is a "faith". It's almost as if they have given up on trying to make themselves look good and simply attempt to make everyone else look as bad as them.

let's look at what "science" is. It's the use of empirical evidence and testing to explain the world around us. There is as little faith in science as there is humility and peace in religion. If something is claimed on faith alone it is of no use to science as it can't be tested and it can't be proven, And as such can't be used to explain anything. So again, it can only be a faith when language no longer means anything.

Then we have the religious attack on evolution. Look, I know that it must be hard for you to accept something that so flatly contradicts something written in your stupid little book, Especially when it has so much evidence to back it up and the only thing you have to go on is something written by a primitive goat herder 2000 years ago, But evolution is a fact. It does happen, It has happened and it is what caused every species of animal on earth, Including humans, To come in to existence. It has been proven and every new test devised that has the capacity to falsify evolution shows to support it. So you aren't going to change any minds by claiming "Darwin is our god" or that evolution is a "faith based religion". All that does it confirm your idiocy even further.


  1. Have you heard this one?
    Atheism is a religion like not collecting stamps is a hobby.

  2. Is atheism a religion? Mitt Romney seems to think so: "We separate church and state affairs in this country, and for good reason. No religion should dictate to the state nor should the state interfere with the free practice of religion. But in recent years, the notion of the separation of church and state has been taken by some well beyond its original meaning. They seek to remove from the public domain any acknowledgment of God," Romney said in a speech on Thursday. "It's as if they're intent on establishing a new religion in America: The religion of secularism. They're wrong."