December 05, 2007

Red Bull Scrap Blasphemous TV Advert

Cry baby christians get their own way yet again by stamping their feet and claiming to be offended. This time offence was caused by something as harmless as an advert for the caffeinated energy drink Red Bull.

Father Marco Damanti wrote to the makers of the soft drink calling their advert a "blasphemous act" and demanded that the company scrap the advert, And as expected, They happily agreed.

The advert depicts the nativity with Mary, Joseph and jesus along with four wise men instead of three, The fourth is bearing a gift of red bull.

[Hat tip: FreeThinker]

1 comment:

  1. This has to be great publicity for red bull. Not only did they get a chuckle from the non-superstitious, they also got to "do the right thing" by the religious wackOs. AND the commercial is STILL out there for all to enjoy or despise. Excellent marketing really...