December 13, 2007

Pope Benedict XVI Finally Makes Sense

After trying to blame Atheists for the worlds problems Pope Benedict XVI, The ex-Hitler youth member, Has finally said something that makes absolute sense. It's just a shame he can't use the same sense and logic and apply it to what he personally believes and teaches.

In a message he plans to send on world peace day the pope says that policies concerning global warming should be "based on evidence and science and not claims", Which is a brave thing to say for someone who's entire life philosophy is based on the exact opposite of evidence and science and exists entirely due to "claims". It's a classic example of someone in a glass house throwing stones.

The pope said that predictions of ice cap melting due to CO2 emissions are from "prophets of doom" and are not based on "evidence" and that decisions should be "uninhibited by ideological pressure".

I guess the person in charge of insuring he doesn't say things that expose him as a hypocrite was off that day.


  1. sorry, he didn't say anything about prophets of doom. The Daily Mail put those words in his mouth.

    His actual remarks were far more reasonable. Look them up at the Vatican website.

  2. As all young German men of his age had to join the Hitler Youth, the alternative was for their parents to be sent to concentration camps, it makes little sense, except as a pejorative slur, to describe the Pope as ex-Hitler Youth. As for science etc., science is merely a method of discovery on the basis of experiment, it can tell us nothing about where we ultimately came from, where we are ultimately going, and whether anything in between really matters. Every day we all live by and accept dogmas, ie beliefs held on the basis of authority, life would be impossible without them.

  3. The Vatican goes a long way back with science and scientists! And it is not in any way contradictory. The Church founded the universities that through science and faith fueled the greatest culture known to mankind, and were the first to protect the teachers at these universities from the superstitions of the day by putting them under the direct protection of the pope. The Church has done all this because of the very thing that you admire in B1's words, his unwavering preference, his bias, for the future of humans.

  4. About the Pope being a Nazi Youth

    "Following his fourteenth birthday in 1941, Ratzinger was enrolled in the Hitler Youth — membership being legally required after December 1939[5] — but was an unenthusiastic member and refused to attend meetings. His father was a bitter enemy of Nazism, believing it conflicted with the Catholic faith."

    So, yes he was in it, but he never attended, and was forced to be in it. He didn't have a choice.