December 28, 2007

Are Creationists Dumb On Purpose?

Any dialogue with a creationist soon makes it apparent that the average IQ of a creationist is that of a dog turd. But are these people really that stupid, Or is it a cunning plan to make us think that they really do believe this "god done it" tripe?

When creationist say things like "if we come from monkeys why aren't babies born monkeys and why don't we speak monkey?" [1] do they expect an evolutionary biologist to read that after a long day mapping genomes and say "of course, Evolution can't be true because we don't speak monkey!"?

When Kirk Cameron holds up pictures of his "crocoduck" [2] does he expect people like professor Dawkins to drop to his knees and weep at the realisation that his life has been wasted researching and teaching evolution?

For what it's worth, I don't think creationists are as stupid as they look. I don't think it's possible for anybody to be as stupid as creationists look and still manage to dress themselves.

I think what they are doing is pretending to be complete morons because that is the only way an adult can get away with not understanding something as simple as evolution. Evolutionary processes' have been explained countless times in countless different ways to these people it's impossible for them to claim that it still doesn't make sense unless they give the impression that they are too stupid to understand it.

Take Sherri Shepherd for example. This is a person who apparently understands evolution well enough to claim it isn't true yet has trouble figuring out if the earth is flat or not. This woman can't possibly be that dumb, can she? Or if she is that dumb what makes her think she is allowed an opinion on the validity of evolutionary theory?

The idiocy that is displayed by creationists can't possibly be genuine. It has to be either a defence mechanism or it's an attempt to drag the discussion down to a level of absurdity that makes intelligent discussion impossible.

It's like an adult who wants to believe in Santa. The only way they could possibly get away with it would be to give the impression that they are a bit simple.


  1. It's called indoctrination. You know, as well as I, that idiots beget idiots. The smarter (more skeptical) that people are, then the more likely they will be to questioning their own beliefs (faith). If one doesn't TRULY question the world around themselves in an existential manner then I think they really set themselves up for idiocy. In the case of Kirk, and his banana analogy, I have to say that somebody like that has given in to the crutch.

    Essentially it's about human foibles. About humanity clunking along trailing baggage from thousands of years ago. Humanity is definitely a pack rat saving stuff that is obsolete.

    When will we throw out the trash?

  2. I came on your blog for the first time. I like your vies on people denying evolution. It is really impossible to understand how a sane person can deny evolution.

  3. God is santa for adults.