December 06, 2007

Evolution In Florida

After getting an "F grade" in the Fordham Institute's grading of the science standards Florida is revamping it's science curriculum and will now be using the term "evolution" instead of the ambiguous euphemism "biological change over time" to describe, Well, Evolution. I personally don't care what they call it, Evolution, As a word, Simply means to change over time. So if they want to play silly little games with words and pretend they have won it's fine by me, Just so long as children are taught facts and real science.

Unsurprisingly this move has caused outrage among the states more idiotic residents and more worryingly among at least one member of the Florida State Board of Education. Donna Callaway says she will vote against the new standards because she wants creationism in one form or another taught alongside evolution.
"My hope is that there will be times of prayer throughout Christian homes and churches directed toward this issue. As a SBOE member, I want those prayers. I want God to be part of this. Isn't that ironic?"
As much as the Discovery Institute tries to distance it's self from religious language, Hidden agendas and in to science it's followers continue to expose them. The DI can use "sciency words" in their papers and in their literature, But they can't prevent those who follow them from telling the truth -- That Intelligent Design is about getting god in to the science class and has nothing to do with education or the truth.

Just like they couldn't stop Bill Buckingham saying that the ID policy was a "stand for jesus" they wont be able to stop Callaway and people like her continuously exposing the true agenda of the intelligent design crusade.

As long as the discovery institute have people like this on their side, They don't need enemies.

For every time the DI say "Intelligent design isn't religion" there will be at least 10 other cretins saying "we want god in the classroom under the guise of science!".

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