December 11, 2007

I Was Denied Priesthood Because I Don't Believe In God

Sounds likely, Doesn't it? surely for someone to work in a field they would need to at least believe what they are teaching/researching, Right?

So why is this creationist moron crying about being fired from a biology lab?
The battle between science and creationism has reached the prestigious Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, where a former researcher is claiming he was fired because he doesn't believe in evolution.

Nathaniel Abraham filed a lawsuit earlier this week in US District Court in Boston saying that the Cape Cod research center dismissed him in 2004 because of his Christian belief that the Bible presents a true account of human creation.

Abraham, who is seeking $500,000 in compensation for a violation of his civil rights, says in the suit that he lost his job as a postdoctoral researcher in a biology lab shortly after he told his superior that he did not accept evolution as scientific fact.
This guys is such a moron that he said he "truly believes there was no conflict between religion and his job." after he had said he did not want to work on "evolutionary aspects".

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