December 04, 2007

If Anything Needs To Be Expelled It's Ben Stein

Ben Stein, The monotone robot impersonator, Was on with Glenn Beck promoting his upcoming indoctrination propaganda documentary, Expelled: No intelligence required allowed, Which is a pro-creation, anti-science, diatribe filled abomination.

Beck opens up by criticising the way children "aren't being taught, They are being force fed one liberal, socialist anti-american point of view one right after another", Which links in to Ben Stein and his documentary on how "god done it and science is wrong".

We get nothing new from stein that we hadn't already heard in the Expelled trailer. But keep an ear out for some particular moronic quotes. Especially one about a lightning strike hitting a mud puddle and making a Boeing 747 (yes, He really thinks that's what we think happened).

If they're so sure that their position is unassailable, let the other guy talk and then blow him out of the water and say, "You fool, you didn't know this, this and this
That's what we have been doing, For years! It's just that your side is too ignorant to listen and too dumb to understand.


  1. I just can't listen to these morons. I have heard Stein and his flunkies espouse the same tripe over and over and it simply pisses me off. How can THE TRUTH be considered an agenda? Isn't that what we are supposed to learn in science, in college. It boggles my mind that someone can make so many erroneous justifications and not do his research and not even try to understand the science behind Darwinism. Uhg!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Glenn beck wants to "arm his daughter against the professors" when she goes to college. Why even bother going then?

  3. Well, that was as nauseating as such displays of illogical ignorance typically are!

    Ben Stein was actually reading his stupid lines from cue cards -- or does he have the sort of personality disorder that's associated with problems with eye contact?

    Stein admits to knowing no science, so what does he imagine, other than his need to make money, qualifies him to voice an opinion?

  4. "If they're so sure of their position, why are they afraid of the other side?"

    There is no other scientific side. Science would happily entertain other scientific theories.

    Religion has had over 2000 years to come up with any proof that goddidit.
    Just bring some proof to the table, people, and there'll be cause to listen. Otherwise, you just want us to join you in your delusion.

  5. "i'm no scientist" - STFU then

    "darwinism doesnt explain the origin of life" - It doesn't claim to

    "Lightning striking a mud puddle, Thats what darwinists believe" - No we dont

    "they wont listen to the other side" - There is no other side. There is science and there is bullshit.

  6. Darwin-ists, Darwin-ism, Church of Darwin!? WTF!?
    Cells are only TOO complicated to understand if yer a fuk'N hillbilly!
    Knowledge (Education) will set you free Bitches!

  7. Re Expelled and the Darwinian Wonderland -
    Assertions that ID cannot support actual science has to be the statement of the century, particularly when all of modern science is founded on the principle that there is inherent order and intelligence in the universe and nature that can be discovered and harnessed for practical use. The laws of motion and gravity; mathematical relationships; the fine-tuned cosmological constants; etc etc.: Together with the multitude of special factors called for to produce a solar system and planet supporting complex life, all of which is fully "dependent" and "interdependent" in nature and essence. Babys are regressively dependent on parents, and all of life is dependent and interdependent on outside factors (water, food,environment, and oxygen etc)

    Indeed, the entire dying (entropy) universe, and everything ever observed in the universe, is "dependent" in nature and essence, which philosophically and scientifically necessitates a non-dependent self-existing first cause. The only philosophical and scientific alternative to escape this theistic reality is an infinite regress of "DEPENDENT" causes, where nothing is ever able to bring itself into existence, not ever. In short, there is never a purely naturalistic basis for existence.

    The ultimate absurdity is that the Dover trial banished intelligent causes from the universe and science, and in so doing, sawed off the very limb empirical science is sitting on. An intelligent effect, always demands an intelligent cause. Chaos never naturally produces complex order. Nothing complex comes out at the end that wasn't inherently present (i.e. pre-existing programmed information) at the beginning. Be it life or computer software.

    This denial of intelligence in the universe and science is the ultimate absurdity. Its believing the unbelievable, and thinking the unthinkable. Ironically, all in defense of an "evolutionary Wonderland" where the "impossible happens all the time", and "always in reverse". Where an effect is not only far greater than the cause, but actually opposite to the cause. For example irregular random causes supposedly produced a highly regular and fine tuned universe (somewhat akin to scrambled car parts and a scrambled assembly line producing a superbly constructed and finely tuned Farrari).

    But wait, there is more: non-life produces life; non-consciousness produces consciousness; mindless matter produces mind; and non-intelligence produces intelligence; the non-personal produces the personal; the non-moral produces morality; meaning comes from non-meaning. Thus, in a broader sense, dead dumb lifeless matter produces a living talking intelligent human being. In short, from goo to you via the "unintelligent" zoo.

    As pointed out by the forthcoming movie Expelled ( ), all his reveals just how far philosophical naturalism is removed from the real world of empirical science. It explains why the vast majority of people out there still support ID, and the concept of God and special creation. It also shows just how far the hard-core evolutionists and the anti-ID network (of Skeptic and humanist liberal organisations) will go to suppress liberty, freedom of expression, and even belief itself.

    As for all the shock horror cries of foul play by skeptics and evolutionists regarding the Expelled movie. Those hard-core evolutionists interviewed were well aware of what they signed, unless they are complete idiots, which I don't believe them to be: Including the stated fact that the name of the production could be changed. So get real. The essential thing is that those evolutionists interviewed are quoted in context.