January 24, 2008

Anti-Abortion Christians Can't Think For Themselves

Thanks Max for emailing this in.

This video always makes me laugh [embedding disabled]. It's another example of christians trotting out ready made answers and rhetoric that they have been trained to say, But when they are asked a question that they don't have a pre-planned answer for their brain stops working and they resort to referring you to their "leader" so he can tell you what thier opinion is.

Listen, Christians, If you are going to assume you have a right to tell people want to do at least have the decency to think it through using your own brain. Otherwise you are simply wasting our time and exposing yourselves as imbeciles incapable of having an original thought or opinion.

This is why if you have an opinion on a serious subject you have to base your opinion on what YOU believe and what YOU have researched, Not base it on what your religion demands you believe and rely on the boil-in-the-bag answers that come attached.

[Let's not make this a discussion about the rights and wrong of abortion]


  1. "It's murder! Make it illegal!!!"

    "OK. What should the punishment be for the woman doing it?"

    "What????? Punishment???"

    "Yeah, it's a crime, there should be a punishment, right?"

    "Ummmmmmmmmmmm....." (Head explodes)


  2. I love showing this video to my pro-life friends because they all get a look on their face of...."Crap, I haven't thought about that either." and then they feel stupid. Which is the look I like to see.