January 15, 2008

Koran Is A Made Up Book - Who Would Have Thought!

We can expect a reasonable, balanced, logical discussion from Muslims about the validity of the Koran now - Not - because new evidence has been revealed that suggests the Koran isn't the word of god, Wasn't dictated to Mohammad by the angel Gabriel and is actually a collection of Christian and Jewish stories and poems that were collected by it's writers centuries after Islams supposed conception.

In Islam, Disproving the validity of the Koran is as big as proving that Jesus didn't exist to christians. The Koran is in essence Islams Jesus and the belief that it was dictated to Mohammad by Gabriel is the base of the entire religion.

To reasonable people this has been obvious all along. Of course the Koran wasn't dictated to a man in the desert by an angel, That kind of thing simply doesn't happen. But it would be nice to have some evidence that proves it.

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  1. Jean-Louis Cardinal Tauran, who directs the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, told the French daily La Croix, "Muslims do not accept discussion about the Koran, because they say it was written under the dictates of God. With such an absolutist interpretation, it's difficult to discuss the contents of the faith."