January 24, 2008

Aren't Christians Supposed To Be Humble?

I always thought christians were supposed to be humble. But i fail to see how they can be humble and believe what they believe at the same time.

A humble person wouldn't assume an entire cosmos consisting of trillions of stars spanning trillion of light years would be created just for them and their cult.

A humble person wouldn't assume whoever created this vast expanse of space would be interested in monitoring their actions, Even their thoughts, Every minute of the day.

A humble person wouldn't assume that the creator of this cosmos would be willing to come to earth as a human and be tortured for their sins.

A humble person wouldn't believe the creator of the cosmos is their bestest buddy.

A humble person wouldn't believe that the creator of the universe was in need of their constant worship..

If you look at the above statements it becomes clear, Christians aren't humble. They are as self-obsessed and egotistical as their imaginary god.


  1. Samuel Skinner
    It is called double think. Theists are masters of its art. There can be atheists who do it to, but believers take it to truely staggering heights.

  2. Oh yeah, you missed my favorite one though. How humble is it to say that you are 100% sure you know that god exists, that you know how the universe and the human race began and you know what happens after you die?

  3. Please define your terms... what is humility?

  4. typical christian dishonesty... we all know what humility is, and if you don't i suggest you buy a dictionary.

    why is it the religious always prefer to debate the meanings of words rather than the point being made?

  5. Actually, created for the glory of God, not for us. Sorry, not being humble there. Continue on

  6. Need to get facts straight on what humility is. The universe was made for God's Glory and Christ died for all as a example for all people to live. Christ is the physical proof of God and yes not only does the bible say he actually lived but other historians for that time do.
    If anyone has any questions Benjaminrgreear@gmail.com
    Give me straight questions and Ill give you straight answers no dancing around bull crap. besides its not my eternity at stake