January 22, 2008

Christopher Hitchens To Debate Creationists

Christopher Hitchens, Atheist, and Jay Wesley Richards, Co-author of the privileged planet and anti-evolution charlatan, Are to debate at Standford in the Dinkelspiel Auditorium on 27th of January on the subject of "Atheism vs. Theism and the Scientific Evidence of Intelligent Design".

The creationists have certainly stacked the cards against Hitchens by making him the only Atheist and Evolution supporter to be involved. His opponent, Jay Richards, Is a creationist, Obviously, But the debate is also hosted by a creationist, Ben Stein, and moderated by yet another creationist and evangelical christian, Michael Cromartie.

I know Richard Dawkins doesn't do these kinds of debates as a rule but i think he would have been a better choice, For us at least. As much as i like and admire hitch, He isn't a biologist and won't be as adept at exposing the scientific dishonesty and deception that these liars will inevitably vomit in the form of an "argument".

Part of the subject is the evidence for intelligent design. So as long as Christopher Hitchens keeps pressing them on this he should be fine, Because there simply is no evidence for intelligent design once you remove the disproven arguments like irreducible complexity or the logical fallacies such as their argument from design (it looks like it's designed, So it must be). Once the shit is shoveled off of their opinion, And that's all it is, And opinion, You are left with nothing. No evidence, No experiments, No peer review. Just a bunch of christians sitting around, Lying, Not understanding science and then agreeing with each other.

I also hope Christoper watches the NOVA show about the dova trial. If these people can lose their case in a court, Get their "theory" torn to shreds and, at one point, Even be proven to be guilty of lying in their deposition, Which is a criminal offence, They are certainly no match for The Hitch.

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