January 16, 2008

When Your Creationist Propaganda Film Is A Flop, Resort To Bribery

Sensing that the creationist propaganda film expelled: No intelligence allowed is about to be a huge flop in cinemas getexpelled.com have resorted to bribing schools into forcing their students to see the film by offering kickbacks in exchange for ticket stubs [1].

Schools could receive a donation of up to $10,000 if they take their students to see the film on what have been suggested as "school-wide mandatory field trips" [2], ie get all your students and force them to go.

Teachers are then instructed to collect ticket stubs and send them off to receive their bribe kickback "reward".

Interestingly, Considering intelligent design supposedly has nothing to do with religion or god, The people at getexpelled.com are targeting christian schools. Now why would they be doing that?
where we can help Christian schools raise up to $10,000 while educating their students, parents, and staff of the controversy that is surrounding the Intelligent Design and evolution debate.


  1. ID'ers used to go to extrodinary lengths to say that ID wasn't a religious idea. Ever since Dover they have changed their tack on that. They now have no problem associating themselves with religion (Christianity in particular). They know that they are not going to win in court ever again, so they might as well appeal to the only place they will get support(and money). In the film there are plenty of references to it being a religious idea.

    All the better. If it does end up court again it will be a slam-dunk win.

    I'd like to think that this is a sign that they are on the way out. They will make a strong appeal to Christians to support them so they can keep up the fight (not like they were doing anything before except sending out press-releases), but when that effort exhausts itself where else are they going to turn?

  2. Amazing.

    "In speaking with Christian Schools, we’ve found that hosting a school-wide “mandatory” field trip is the best way to maximize your school’s earning potential."

    bribe: n. 1. payment made to a person in a position of trust to corrupt his judgement.

    So basically this is a bribe. Quite literally. I find something very dishonest about his methods of getting word around about his movie. This goes beyond innocent people sucked into viral media and persuasion, this is targeting kids directly.

  3. Interestingly, Considering intelligent design supposedly has nothing to do with religion or god,

    Like cat's staff wrote...

    But that's what's so bizarre about ID. Even now the Gonzalez affair is supposed to be about "viewpoint discrimination," not religion, in some circles. Yet Expelled has no qualms about saying that the Gonzalez matter and the rest is really about religion.

    Or in other words, ID in the past, and in some compartments today, has tacitly acknowledged that mixing religion into science is not the way to do science, claiming that ID isn't about religion at all (even if it has religious implications, as they say). We have unrelentingly shown that ID is about nothing other than religion. So they shift their tactics, and while IDists still try to pretend that ID is science and not religion for the sake of legality, the word for the masses is that their religion is being discriminated against because their religion isn't recognized as science.

    And yes, we admit that we don't recognize their religion as science, just as we fail to recognize any other religion as science. I'd love to see them suddenly care about honest distinctions if some Muslins were attempting to foist some of their beliefs off onto science and science education as "science." However, until something like that happens, we can only expect continued hypocrisy from them as they invoke the 1st Amendment in order to try to violate its separation of church and state.

    Glen Davidson