January 21, 2008

Deafening Science

We have come to a point in our understanding of the universe, Our understanding of how stars and planets are formed and our understanding of how species emerge that it makes it very hard for anyone to persist in the notion that all are a result of a supernatural, conscious entity clicking his fingers and willing them in to existence 6000 years ago without looking like an ignorant fool.

The overwhelming evidence supporting sciences and the difficulty of denying the scientific explanation hasn't stopped some people continuing with their delusion though.

I have noticed a lot of times when having debates with creationists, Especially on forums, That they churn out the same facile analogies (some crap about a watch), Say that evolution doesn't explain how life it's self emerged (even though evolution wasn't intended to explain that) and regurgitate every counter argument that they have previously heard someone else regurgitate. I think creationists have one brain which they share, And it's only the person who is in possession of that brain who can muster the imagination to create such illogical arguments, The rest can only muster the intellect to repeat what they have heard.

Of course, The good thing about debating with someone who doesn't actually understand the argument they are refuting and can only regurgitate counter points they have previously heard is that all you have to do to beat them is raise a point that not only do they not understand, But also have never come across a counter argument to. The one i like to use the the evidence supporting evolution that we find when we look at Endogenous Retrovirus DNA in primates. This argument tends to stop them dead in their tracks. On the first hand they could read up on it and understand it, But if they do that they would have proven evolution to be true, To themselves at least, Or they can refute it without knowing the first thing about it, and even the most idiotic creationist isn't prepared for that level of intellectual martyrdom.

I'm sure there will always be people claiming the supernatural cause, Just like there will always be people claiming the world is ending tomorrow. But just like how the nutters on the street have to change their sign every time the world doesn't end the young earth creationists are going to look dumber and dumber each time new evidence is discovered that could falsify the old earth and evolutionary theory but end up supporting them fully.

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