January 10, 2008

UK Blasphemy Law To Be Abolished

A law which see it's last imprisonment 80 years ago is set to be removed from the statute books in a move surprisingly backed by the archbishop of Canterbury.

MP's have been debating the abolition of the blasphemy law and yesterday Downing Street suggest they were on the verge of abolishing it.

For a long time the legal community has looked upon the blasphemy law as a "dead letter", Meaning that although the law does exist it is about as likely to be used as is the law prohibiting MPs wearing armour in parliament or the law allowing farmers to walk sheep over tower bridge on the way to market.

That of course was before Christian Voice, A UK Evangelical organisation, Tried to take the BBC to court for their screening of Jerry Springer - The opera, A play in which Jesus is depicted as a nappy wearing lover of poo, under the blasphemy law.

So thanks Christian Voice. Thanks for highlight how important it is to remove any legal protection you have against parody and ridicule.

My only worry is that similar laws, More likely to be used, Will be brought in to protect all persons of all faiths from being criticised.

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