January 26, 2008

Are You A Christian? Take The Test!

Here is a nice opportunity to see if we can find any "real Christians" out there. Let's see if we can find anyone willing to stand by their claim that the bible is the word of god and that they follow that word. Or are they all, As i suspect, frauds who simply pay lip service and are actually no more "christian" than i am.
Matthew 5:42 Give to him who asks of you, and do not turn away from him who wants to borrow from you.
Here's the thing, I need to buy a car and i don't have much money. I am looking for a moderately priced car (£3000/$6000), So can i have the money please? We can see right there in Matthew 5:42 that you should give to him who asks of you, I am him and i am asking.

If you would like to do this anonymously please deposit $6000 in my paypal account: godbegoneblog@gmail.com

Other Atheist bloggers, if you need something and don't have the money, Don't worry, All you have to do is ask a christian and according to the bible they should give. So let's see how many "real christians" we can find. or are we only going to find the same christians that we always find, The ones who selectively read the passages and dismiss anything that they don't already agree with.


  1. Now, I would let you borrow the money, but we would have to draw up a contract because borrow infers "eventually give back." Also, I do not have $6000 to give to someone who harasses my faith, plus I am trying to pay off my college loans. Sorry.

  2. You're taking that passage entirely out of context. Jesus was giving people the same advice that other sages of the day gave to their disciples, mainly, if someone screws with you in a minor way, don't retaliate, because if you do, you're just going to get beaten up and possibly killed.

    That you would suggest that modern day Christians are somehow being hypocritical in not following this verse demonstrates your ignorance of the social world of the New Testament. During New Testament times, there were no law enforcement officials to protect the rights of the lower classes. Any low status person that put up a fight in the event of demands being placed upon them was risking injury and possibly death with little if any hope of legal help. Hence, this is essentially the ancient equivalent of the modern day wisdom that, if a mugger points a gun at you, it would be sheer stupidity to do anything but give them your wallet.

    Congratulations on having the same level of exegetical skill as a Christian fundamentalist.

  3. so the bible is out of date and not relevant today? Come on, Either it's the infallible word of god or it isn't.

  4. That's not what he was saying at all and you know it matt. Is it still relevant today? Yes, as he said by giving the example of the mugger. So no, it is still relevant, still up to date.

  5. "Give to him who asks of you, and do not turn away from him who wants to borrow from you."

    That's the equivalent of getting mugged? Wow, those were some tough mofos back in NT times. Not even "demands of you," or "threatens you,"
    someone who merely asks of you may have kicked your ass if you didn't fork over.

    So, Matt, it seems you're approaching this in the wrong way. You're being much too polite, saying "Please" and all. You need to get medieval about it.Then the Christians turn over their money-and I assume, turn the other cheek as well. ;-)

  6. i suggest you read Galatians...its short

  7. i suggest you go fuck yourself.... it's even shorter

  8. I used to be Christian but now I am Logical (agnostic).