January 21, 2008

What Religious Scum Do To Children

What would it take for a human being to mutilate the genitals of a defenceless child? One of two things. They either need to be a psychopath or they need to be religious.

I almost feel bad for lumping in psychopaths with religious scum, I doubt all psychopaths would be capable of inflicting such barbaric torture on a child. But with the religious, They are capable of anything providing it can be suggested to them at some point that it is what their god wants.

Here the newyork Times has a slide show depicting what goes on in an annual female circumcision ceremony, Conducted by "Female circumcisers" in the sanitary conditions of a school classroom.

Pay attention to picture four which has the caption "Tears are wiped from the face of a 9-month-old following her circumcision". Take note of the look of sheer terror on that babies face. A human who is only 9 months old is being tortured for god.

This is why Atheists oppose religion. It gives vicious scum a licence to abuse, torture and inflict their own primitive idiocy on children who deserve better.

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  1. It's not just theist wack-O's who mutilate children. Infant male circumcision is rampant in the US. It's big business.