January 11, 2008

Ron Paul Should Read The Constitution

Thanks to Ben who linked to this article written by Ron Paul about how the secular, "elitist" left are waging a war on christmas, Making society immoral and how the founding Fathers envisioned a christian nation with churches as the moral compass of society, Which is funny when we look at the stuff christians get up to.

Ron Paul likes to bang on about the constitution and how he is fighting for it but maybe the guy should read the damned thing, And take some time to read the bible, Especially the bit about lying. Ron Paul, Like other christians, Knows full well that the founding fathers wanted a separation between church and state and they fully believed that the state should support no particular religion. This fact doesn't stop Ron Paul saying the exact opposite.

Paul harps back to the good-old-days and points out that "christmas isn't the same anymore" and that it has lost the "good will to all men" feeling, And instantly blames secularists. Apparently, According to Paul, Secularists hate christmas and feel "offended" when they see nativity scenes on private property and want a legally anti-christian nation. If christians need christmas to exercise good will they are in more trouble than i thought. what kind of morality is that?

The thing is. Secularists don't hate christmas. They just don't want to have to pay for it. Nobody cares what you do on your own property with your own money Ron. But buying christian symbols to celebrate a christian festival on public land with tax payers money in not constitutional, You should know that, Mr Constitution.

I guess Ron Paul is doing with the constitution what most christians do with the bible. He is is selectively reading it and taking out the bits he likes and ignores the rest.


  1. He's a nut. I've never understood the attraction that he olds over amateur sign-makers all over our land.

  2. I am a strong atheist. I am voting for Ron Paul. The thing about the constitution is that it allows for intelligent growth of the country. What Ron Paul and I agree on is that there should be no controls on what religous activity people participate in, and in the end the "truer" path will win out. I happen to beleive that christianity in America will die in our childrens lifetime. I agree though that public funds should stay out of the hands of the church, but where Paul and I agree is that public funds should also stay out of the hands of public schools.

    But, yeah he seems pretty out of line arguing against church<>state. Constitutions not too clear on it "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" Like many things in the big "C" there are implied rules, I hope that people see this as "stay out of religion altogether.

    I say "merry christmas" and I don't believe in any gods, I don't even give my 2 year old child the Santa Claus lie.

    There are people out there that polarize the issue. I believe Ron Paul is the best man out there running(sad but true), but I would change a few things about him if I could ||Go atheist||He should push more the idea that Pollution should be regulated because it is a violation of our property (air-water),||

  3. LMAO! This article shows the intelligence of it's author.

    Google something like Founders quotes on Christianity and correct yourself.

    You're not at a level that can communicate efficiently on these things so I won't even try.

    I'm referring to actual information by the way.

    Ya might want to follow your own advice and read the constitution sometime.