January 09, 2008

Pope Says: Pray For Child Molesters & Rapists

The Catholic church has a long history of being the safe house for men of god who like to molest and rape small children, And is often even accused of actively covering up allegations and cases of abuse involving young children at the hands of a priest.

So what is the pope going to do about it? Nothing. Unless you count praying as doing something, Which i don't.

The pope has urged all catholics to pray for Catholicism, The church and for the filthy paedophiles guilty of raping children in an attempt to "cleanse the church". He says nothing about helping the victims, Nothing about bringing charges against the rapists in his ranks, Nothing about disciplinary action against anyone acting inappropriately with children. The popes only concern is himself, the church and their reputation, And to solve this problem he prescribes a bit of prayer.

"man of god", My Arse.


  1. Someone ought to tell that twit that prayer doesn't work.

    Wait a minute, someone probably already has told him that and he is probably praying for them, even as I type this.

    Woops, that puts those who warn of the futility of prayer into the same prayed-for group as pedophilic priests.

  2. First of all, I am an Atheist. Secondly, there is nothing wrong with what the Pope said, because he believes in prayer and thinks it could help. But he did not say anything about that being his only solution, just a part of it. This is just like the Republicans smearing Obama because he said people should fill their tires to save gas. He never said that was his energy plan, just like the Pope never said this was his plan for dealing with the very unfortunate problem of pedophiles.