January 04, 2008

It's Time To Drop The Rational Response Squad

For some time now the rational response squad have been fairly big players in the Atheist Movement and have received a lot of attention. They have "debated" (for want of a better word) Ray Comfort and kirk Cameron [1], The crocoduck and gods banana guys. And were the instigators of the now famous "blasphemy challenge".

But does the Atheist movement need people like them? In this Atheists opinion, No, It doesn't. Not only do we not need them but i feel they are damaging to the Atheist movement.

Their goals don't seem to be the eradication of religion, Or even the separation of church and state. Their goal seems to be nothing more than getting kicks out of abusing the religious and being attention whores.

Their target audience doesn't seem to be intelligent people capable of making or understanding lucid logical arguments, Instead they cater for teenage boys who like looking at Kelly's large breasts [2].

Now, In their latest attempt to fan the flames of their own ego and create even more attention and drama for themselves they have reportedly made the claim that Richard Dawkins is having extra-marital-activities while in a drunken conference call with Reed over at unorthodox Atheism (great blog, check it out). The claim that Professor Dawkins is having an affair is patently untrue and not supported by any evidence, But even if it were true, What has it got to do with the RRS?

It's time to drop these clowns. The atheist movement isn't a Yahoo chat room, It doesn't need drama fabricated by attention hungry children at the expense of the very person responsible for their fame in the first place.

Way to show your gratitude and respect, Assholes.


  1. I'm a Christian but even I know that they are hurting atheists. Even atheists have come to me to help them AGAINST the RRS. Checkout the blog:


  2. Great post.

    While I agree 100% that the RRS are massively out of line regarding their hate-war over Dawkins, I am not sure that they are significant enough to be "hurting" the atheist "cause" (whatever that may be).

    I am also a bit concerned that the furore around this is starting to make Dawkins look like the spiritual leader of Atheism. Not too long ago blogs were full of attacks on him and how he was "hurting the cause of Atheism." In reality, I dont see "atheism" as an organised enough group to have a cause.

    At the end of the day, the RRS are immature and childish. They are rarely actually funny but some people seem to find them amusing. Will they have de-converted anyone? I doubt it but then I also doubt anyone will have converted to a religion (or become stronger in their faith) as a result of their actions more than (say) Dawkins.

  3. What I wonder is a) who, besides possibly his wife, cares who Richard Dawkins fucks? and b) how can one "drop" an independent atheist group which is free to say whatever bullshit they want?

    I'm no fan of the RRS since their nature has been pretty clear to me since inception, but they are independent agents and can say, within the limits of the law, whatever they like. It's no skin off my nose if they want to make themselves look like juvenile clowns.

  4. The answer to A, Slut, Is; Apparently RRS.

    The answer to B is to stop linking to them, Stop referencing them and to stop acknowledging that they represent the atheist movement.

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  6. i like looking at her titties too...

  7. These individuals have repeatedly proved themselves sophomoric imbeciles. I frankly can't understand why they got any attention in the first place.

    Comic relief?

    I concur with ignoring them completely - as I say, it should have been done originally.

  8. We're actually blogging against the deceitful Frank Walton here: Frank Walton Stinks
    And - when I say "we" I do not mean myself and some of my alternate personalities or invisible friends!
    This is all you ever need to know about Frank Walton the stinky turdball =)
    Even christards agree that Frank is probably on the verge of complete insanity.