January 03, 2008

God Lied, Again.

In 1986 God told Shelby Corbitt (Google cache as shelby took the site down), Via a prophetic dream, That in 2007 the rapture would begin, Saved souls would ascend into heaven and the rest of us would remain to face Armageddon. Shelby Then waited for the signal from god to tell everyone.

So what happened? 2007 came and went, And we are all still here.

Here are the possibilities;
  1. God lied.
  2. God got it wrong.
  3. Shelby Corbitt is delusional.
  4. Shelby Corbitt is a con [wo]man who see a good way of fleecing thousands of dollars from frighted idiots.

Why do people who claim to have messages from god generally get it so wrong?
I know the obvious answer is that they are idiots and god isn't talking to them, But even guessing should produce a higher hit rate than what these people get.

Don't worry though, Let's have another go in 2008. Another message, Another website, Another book and another con man fleecing idiots out of their money.

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