January 23, 2008

Christian Nation House Resolution 888 - Rewriting History

Thanks to Rick for emailing this in.

We have seen the religious right attack science education in order to impose their theological beliefs on public school science curriculum. House Resolution 888 is the first official attempt to encourage theological beliefs to interfere with accurate education about Americas history.

House Resolution 888, While a mostly ceremonial resolution, Is just another step towards a theocratic America where history is rewritten and taught as fact. If these people are so damned "christian" why do they have such an obscene propensity to tell so many filthy lies?

Don't be fooled by the phrase "religious diversity" because the only religion mentioned in the 70 paragraph resolution is christianity.

Read the resolution

what can you do?
If you want to help you can go to secular.org and email your Representative demanding that they oppose this unconstitutional resolution.

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