January 18, 2008

Evidence For An Incompetent Designer

Arguments from design are moronic and yet ever so popular. The religious always enjoy arguing that god exists using what, To them, Appears to be phenomena that can only have occurred through the conscious, purposeful actions of a designer. If you see a watch.... Blah, blah, blah.

In this post i am going to take a leaf out of their book and present an "argument from incompetent design". If they can argue that god exists by listing things that they think were designed, I can argue against gods existence by listing things that could not have had a designer, And if they were designed, The designer was an incompetent imbecile.

99% of all planets are incapable of producing or sustaining life. What were they? do-overs? practice goes? I can hear god now; "no, that doesn't count.. I was just practicing. The next one is the real earth.... Good job i made the universe enormous!".

Our eyes can only detect a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. There are a lot of things that would be handy to be able to see, Gamma radiation and x-rays for example, You know, Shit that can kill us.

99% of all species that have ever lived became extinct before humans even arrived. What was the point of that? What kind of "designer" would create a planet for us to live on but do most of his work and creating before we even get here. It would be like setting off the fireworks before the guests of honor arrived.

We sleep for one third of our life. I don't see the point. If we are designed why design us to waste so much time?

CO,CO2 and CH4. Three gasses that we can't see, Can't smell which can kill us. Thanks for that!

Our mouth is too small. If i, As a human working for a design company, designed the human jaw knowing full well how many teeth is has to accommodate i would get fired. Most adults have to have wisdom teeth pulled out at some point simply because their jaw is too small. One of two corrections should have been made to the original design. Either leave some teeth out or make room for them.

Carrying on with the theme of the mouth. How hard would it be to give us separate holes for drinking, breathing, eating and speaking? We have one hole on the front of our face that is expected to do four jobs? Even dolphins have separate holes for breathing and eating so it's not like he hadn't thought of the idea.

What's up with that genitalia? It's like putting a theme park next to a sewage works. I can't think of two less appropriate functions to give one organ than expelling waste fluid and making babies.

Did we have to look so much like bald monkeys?

From this list you should be able to see that the human body was not designed. And if it was designed it was designed by a cretinous imbecile who i wouldn't trust to flip burgers at McDonald's. Is this the best your perfect god could do? He's a fucking embarrassment. Don't just look at the pretty stuff when you are looking for evidence of a designer, Make sure you check out the monumental fuck-ups as well.


  1. "We sleep for one third of our life. I don't see the point. If we are designed why design us to waste so much time?"

    Daniel Dennett asks the question in an illuminating way. Why are we awake at all, when most life is not conscious? Yay, Dennett!

  2. "He's a fucking embarrassment."



  3. Samuel Skinner
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